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Practicing law for over 25 years.



Attorney Kim Andrew Lewis

Traffic Citations & DUI / OWI

Foreclosure Defense

Real Estate Transactions
•  Residential Purchases and Sales
•  Commercial Purchases and Sales
•  Deeds and Transfer of Property
•  1031 Exchanges
•  Variances

Corporate and Small Businesses
•  Starting a Corporation or LLC
•  Preparation of Corporate Records
•  Partnership Agreements

Personal Injury


Attorney Roberta N. Levinson

Estate Planning Documents
•  Wills
•  Trusts
•  Health Care Powers of Attorney
•  Living Wills
•  Financial Powers of Attorney
•  Letters of Intent

Handling Estates
•  Decedent's Estates
•  Probate of Estates through Court
•  Small Estates
•  Guardianships

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10329 Main Street, Richmond, IL 60071   •   2631 E. Lakeshore Drive, Twin Lakes, WI 53181

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